Data Recovery: Everything You Need to Know (and More!)

Data recovery may seem like a complex process, and that’s because it is. The good news is that the best data recovery software and data recovery services can make it approachable and effortless. Our SO Disaster recovery suite offers an easy way to get all your information back after a computer failure or Ransomware attack.

What Is Data Recovery?

Let’s start by answering a common question: What is the purpose of data recovery? Simply put, the purpose of data recovery is to restore access to damaged, lost, or otherwise inaccessible files. There are two main types of data recovery:

  • Logical data recovery: This type of data recovery deals with non-mechanical issues, and it relies primarily on various file recovery software applications.
  • Physical data recovery: As the name suggests, this type of data recovery deals with mechanical issues, and it’s typically performed by computer data recovery professionals in dust-free labs.

Our solution provides solution to both type of data recovery since your data is stored in the Cloud, so you can restore your data anywhere you wish using the software or web portal.


Our SO DISASTER RECOVERY SUITE software provides an alternative so you can backup all your company data to our cloud for safeguarding and instant recovery in case of emergency.

Our Disaster recovery solution has no per-machine-cost but it offers a pay-per-cloud space option. We have several plans to fit your business and we can handle any required space issues.

Contact us for more information on how SO Disaster Recovery Suite can help your business.

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